Motivation: How to get it when you don't have it


We all need motivation.

Someone once said that you don’t just casually drift up to the top of a mountain. Meaning: If you want to get something accomplished you need to plan for it and take the necessary steps.  That is true about everything. Whether we are talking about losing weight,  succeeding at a career or deepening our relationship with God. You have to get up every morning and do SOMETHING that moves you forward. But to do that you need the motivation.

There are lots of days (today in particular) when I don’t feel like doing anything that I really need to do. Maybe there are people out there that are so self-disciplined that they just automatically leap out of bed, clean the house and cure cancer, all by noon. Not me. I have to make myself do everything. It tends to be a conversation with God that goes something like this:

Me: Do I really have to get up?

God: Yes, it’s a beautiful day!

Me: Fine, but you are in charge. I don’t feel like doing anything today.

God: I’m in charge? Great! Finally! I have lots of cool stuff for you!

He loves it when I surrender my preconceived notions about everything to Him. So once I’ve had my coffee and spent time in my garden with the Lord, things do seem to come into focus.  But it took those first steps. Getting up. Getting dressed. Spending time with God.

There are days that are so hectic that I don’t get my precious morning time, and I can really feel it later. I feel random, stressed and confused. Tossed about by all the circumstances that have swept me away. When I find myself feeling like that, I usually realize I haven’t spent my quiet time with the Lord. And as quickly as possible I find a few minutes to pray.

Motivation is about being intentional.

It’s about planning for those days when it’s hard to get up, or life has gone sideways.  I have to intend to spend time with the Lord. Even on the days I don’t feel like it.  What a blessing it is to start my day with Him. He is so much more organized, loving, creative, hopeful and inspiring than I am. I try I bring my journal with me because I get amazing inspiration, and ideas for how to accomplish things. He helps me sort through the noise of stuff that is around me. My priorities come into focus. When I turn to Him I can give Him all my worries, confusion, doubts and tiredness and I get back all His enthusiasm, energy, love, creativity and faith. What a bargain. What a trade-off.  He gets all my creepy stuff and I get all His cool stuff. He is the best God, ever.

So when you find you have lost all your motivation, take some time for Him, and you will find it flooding back to you.  Before you run back to your daily busyness, take a few minutes right now and let Him know you need Him. Breathe in a few moments of His presence. Let Him know you love Him. Thank Him for your blessings. He will take care of the rest.