Love never fails

Love never fails.  When I first heard this quote I wondered at the truth of it. Certainly, there have been times when we have loved something or someone and then lost it. So how can love never fail? So in praying about this I finally understood the statement. Human beings can fail. They can betray, or disappoint. Objects can break or get lost or broken. But love, real love. LOVE from God kind of love doesn’t fail. He doesn’t give up on us, or leave us or forsake us. He can’t break or get lost or stolen. He is eternal. And He loves us. It is from Him that we even have the capacity to love anything at all. Even when earthly love comes to an end through death or some other circumstance, the love we had was always good and always stays in our memory.

I think of the very first time I saw my granddaughter.  We had been at the hospital for a while and the doctor suddenly decided to an emergency cesarean because the baby was wrapped up in the cord. I had wanted to be there with my daughter for the birth, but I was ushered out and had to wait what seemed like an agonizingly long time to find out what had happened. I was worried about my daughter. I was worried about the baby. I was worried.

Love that is bigger than me

And then all of a sudden the doors opened and a nurse rolled a little bed out that had my precious grandbaby in it. Everything and everyone was fine, they had told me. And then I took the first look at my little squishy girl, brand new to the world. I thought my heart would burst with the love I felt at that moment. Tears flowed down my cheeks. She was here. Everyone was safe and well. Love was bundled up in a little blanket in front of me. Joy at seeing a new life that was somehow connected to me and on back through time to all of our ancestors. The love I felt on that day was indescribable. It was bigger than me.

I have felt that kind of love at other times in my life as well and it is always surprising and overwhelming. Love. And I realized that this is the feeling God has for us as His children. That moment when we were born He looked at us with complete radiant love. Knowing we are His.

He waits for us daily to turn back to Him and love Him back in the same way. And He never gets tired of waiting because love never fails.