Let Go and Let GodI have to remind myself often to let go and let God. I learned this idea years ago. It really helps when you find yourself worrying about the outcome of some issue. You have to let it go.

I really wish I could control everything. I think the world would run so much more smoothly if everyone would just listen to what I have to say. Oddly, not everyone wants my advice. I know, shocking. And when that happens I have to LET IT GO. It doesn’t matter if I am right, or smarter, or wiser. If they need my help they know I will be happy to offer it and otherwise – they prefer to do themselves.

Admittedly in small things, like how to load a dishwasher or fold sheets, the world won’t come to an end if they choose to follow their own counsel. It’s when it’s a big thing. Like picking a career, a college major, a boyfriend. Those are areas I want to help in. I have been there, I know the pitfalls, I can help.

It’s hard to let go of control

It’s hard to watch others make the same mistakes that I made.  But if they resist, I have to let them make their own decisions. And that is when I turn it over to God. I let go and let God.  I get to trust that He loves my family and friends as much and in fact more than I do. I get to learn that their path through life is different than mine. Just because I failed at something or got my heart broken, doesn’t always mean that will happen to them. Sigh. I get to turn it over to Him and pray that His will be done. Not mine. I let it go and let God handle it.