Engraved on the palm of His Hand. I love this scripture of our closeness to God. Our specialness to our Creator.

We use our hands every day to work, play, care for others. It is through our hands that we feel the softness of a kitten or the feverishness of a child.  Our hands wash away dirt from dishes and skinned knees.  Our hands build tree houses and paint landscapes and tap out stories on computers. 

God’s hands do all that ours do but in infinitely bigger ways. He creates stars and causes oceans to part. He formed us in our mother’s wombs.  Everything about us, He already knows, because we are engraved on His palm.  We are part of those Hands that are creating the world around us. We are part of Him. Intimately and completely.

That is how close we are to Him and He is to us. And from that closeness, we can receive all that He has for us. We only have to ask.