What does empty me of me mean? What does that look like? What does that feel like? And why would I want to? There are times in life when we get in our own way. That loud chatter in my mind tells me I am not doing enough, or moving fast enough. I am not pretty enough, thin enough. I am not enough. Others have figured it out… they know the secret that I have missed.

Perhaps you have had these mumbling thoughts as you drive home from an exhausting day at work, or find yourself being passed over for a promotion, or maybe it happens when you notice that everyone else has a newer car, a cleaner house, nicer kids. How did they do it? Sometimes when I am asking all of my whining questions,  I fear the answer has to do with – me. It’s about me because I am not enough. I just can’t do it.


Time to surrender!

But there is a wonderful blessing waiting for us we when finally admit surrender. I was never going to be enough. No one is enough. But God is. The sooner we discover this, the happier our lives will be.

When we turn our struggles over to Him, He can finally work on them and He will help us see the order of things. He will bring peace to our hearts. We have to let go and let God.  Sometimes (really, all the time) the best way to deal with fear and chaos, and even the little things life can throw at us, is to surrender it all to God. Ask Him to remove the nagging chatter that is raging in your head and replace it with His Peace.

If you ask Him to empty you of you, He will replace your worries with His strength, His wisdom and His love and your perspective will change. A solution will occur to you. That fearful situation will not seem so huge after all, and when you allow Him to gently move you out of your own way, it gives Him room to work a miracle.

A Prayer

Lord, today I ask you – empty me of me. And replace it with You. Your will. Your timing. Your love. I praise you, Jesus for loving me better than I could ever love myself. Thank you, Lord, for your strength to dance through my day.  I adore you. Amen.