Be Thankful for what you have!

No matter what is facing you today – Be thankful. There is so much that God does for us every day. And I know that I spend a lot of time focusing on what I don’t have instead of what I do have!  I have a lovely home. My family is healthy. My bills are paid. I have hope for the future!  I need to be thankful for all these things right now! Today!

Do I have things that still concern me? Of course, I do. I have my list of aches and pains, money issues, and car problems, just like everyone else. And when I pray every morning I always lift those burdens up to the Lord. But not before I thank Him for what He has given me. And He has given me so much.

Often by the time I finish thanking Him for my many blessings, what remains feels pretty small. But thanking Him also reminds me how He has shown up in my life, time and again when things seemed impossible.

Be thankful! Today!