In our modern world we spend so much time busy, looking at the computer or our cell phones that we have forgotten how to really love each other. So, I thought a good Lenten sacrifice this year would be to give the sacrifice of love. How about, in addition to giving up sugar, or trying to exercise more, we try giving a bit of much needed love every day to our families, to others, and maybe even ourselves.  Here are 40 ideas for Lent to bless your family. Perhaps, if you do at least one per day, you will be a little happier, and the world be a better place.
40 ways to express love every day of Lent
  1. Smile at everyone you see today.
  2. Say I love you to your family members.
  3. Hug someone – hug two people.
  4. Pick up trash that isn’t yours and throw it away.
  5. Do a kindness for someone without being asked i.e. put away the dishes, or wash the car, or pick up the dry-cleaning.
  6. Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while… not text, call.
  7. Send a thank you letter to someone who has helped you.
  8. Feed the birds in your yard.
  9. Make a special meal for your family.
  10.  Commit to spending time in prayer every day. Every. Day.
  11.  Make a contribution to a charity.
  12.  Give away some of your abundance to people who would appreciate it.
  13.  Offer to baby sit, or help someone out with their family to give them a break.
  14.  Make an appointment to spend quality time with a family member. (No phones, tv, just you talking to each other.)
  15.  Spend a day not complaining for the whole day.
  16.   Listen carefully to your children when they want to talk to you.
  17.  Grow some seeds on your window sill.
  18.  Pet a cat or a dog. (No pets? Go to a shelter and pet one there.)
  19.  Take a walk in a beautiful place.
  20.  Write about some pleasant memories of loved ones who have passed away. Share it with someone who knew them.
  21.  Cut out a funny cartoon and post it where your family or fellow employees can enjoy it.
  22.  Find 3 positive things to say to someone who is difficult.
  23.  Express your appreciation to your family members for what they do.
  24.  Spend one whole day not nagging your family about their behavior or what they haven’t done.
  25.  Go to that movie, football game etc. that you don’t really want to go to with your spouse. Do it pleasantly.
  26.  Write a letter of encouragement to your pastor.
  27.  Write a letter to God – thanking Him for your life.
  28.  Pick out a favorite song and share it with your spouse or family.
  29.  While standing in a line or at a store, talk cheerfully to someone near you.
  30.  Make cookies or take some fruit from your yard to a neighbor.
  31.  Call or write someone who is shut in or ill. Send them a card or some encouraging words
  32.  Treat your body with love today. Feed it right. Get enough rest.
  33.  Decide to spend the day not worrying but instead thinking about all the things that could go right!
  34.  Spend some time in prayer really forgiving someone in your heart. Give them to God and let it go.
  35.  Write down everything you feel you need forgiveness for, and then in prayer let God give you that forgiveness. He already has forgiven our sins thousands of years ago.
  36.  Go to Church services during Holy Week, or plan to spend time each day reading and thinking about the last week in Jesus’ life.
  37.  Make a meal for your family and discuss the Last Supper and how important it was.
  38.  Spend time on Friday reflecting on Jesus’ enormous sacrifice and love for us. Thank Him for it.
  39.  Spend some part of Saturday in silence and prayer. Make your preparations for Sunday!
  40.  Celebrate. Go to Church. Love your family. Enjoy the abundant life that our Lord sacrificed Himself for – so that we might truly Live.
Perhaps some of these are easy for you to do. Others might be suggestions that you haven’t thought of in a while. Encourage your family to join you in your little expressions of Love this season.  Be Blessed by being a blessing!
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