sea of Glass reflections of God's Love

A Christian Lifestyle Blog by Peggy Medberry


… was referred to in Revelation 4:6 where John wrote about seeing a mirror-like ocean in front of the Throne of God.

Let's Go Wading...

Take off your shoes. Relax and regroup. Take a break from the busyness of your day and spend some time experiencing God’s perfect love.

This is the place to do it.

Let the image of a perfect stillness that reflects God’s glory quiet your heart. It is this place that we can retreat to daily in prayer.

This blog is about finding the amazing love of God and having your life changed as a result.  There are favorite quotes, and inspirational articles to help you draw closer, find answers and receive encouragement.

It is my prayer that your time spent here is a tiny bit like sitting by a still lake. A little mini vacation from the noise of life.